Is it hard for you to wake up or even going to sleep? I have the solution for you! You definitely need a morning and evening routine that will make you excited doing those basic chores. Those individual tasks might seem simple but if you want to have better benefits, it has to be a routine that you’ll do every day for the rest of your life MOUHAHA (crazy laugh). No jokes, when the routine is settled down, things will get easier and then you’ll get better result. Exactly what you wanted! I’ve tried many routine but mostly… I’ve tried not to stop them, but it’s really hard. This is why I was wondering about how I can create new habits which would be useful for a lot of things in life but more specifically for a daily routine.


This idea came to me when I was watching Doctor Mike YouTube Videos. I found one video that I thought was really interesting, especially about morning routine habits. This guy has other videos about subject like that and help me to concoct a special routine for me (and you). Something that’ll be doable for a long-term commitment.



Let’s learn a little bit more about habits and how to achieve our main goal.

  1. Focus on ONE habit

If you want to make something a habit, you can’t do more than one thing at the same time because you’ll lose total focus on that one specific goal. When you want to reach something, it has to be the thing that you’ll cherish; it has to be important for you. Don’t try to change plenty of things at the same time because it’s gonna be harder to achieve. In consequence: you won’t do it.

For a morning and evening routine you need to have a specific goal. It might be to help you going out of bed or/and to go to bed. Or simply because you want to have a healthy lifestyle because a routine will definitely help you to kick start the day with a good attitude and also end it as well. For sure, you’ll have a lot of work to do, to be able to focus only on this routine you have to make it fun for you. I’ll give an example of a routine (down below) but you have to appropriate it for you, for your need. Then, focus only on this routine to try to make it a habit.

REMEMBER: One thing at the time.


  1. Writing

Write down everything you have in mind, exactly like a diary. It will help a lot to see progress and results but the “Why it’s not working.”  Seeing your plan help achieve your main goal. If you write all steps of your plan to reach your final goal, it’ll help you through each phase. If needed you can keep an everyday diary of what’s easier and harder for you, it’ll shape up the obstacle you can encounter and what you can do better to achieve your main goal. Making plans for obstacles might sound like a stupid thing to do, but it’s a wise part to plan. It surely won’t be easy every day. As I said, writing down everything might help you, so if you have your detailed action plan in mind and you can see it every day it’ll be easier to succeed.

  1. Make time for your routine

You need to understand that at first, it’ll be really hard. Especially if you’re not a morning person. You’ll have to wake earlier to get ready and to do your morning routine. This is why it’s really important to find a way to love it. For example, if you like breakfast it’s time to think about eating what you like and also to get everything ready for the morning. You can put breakfast preparation on your night routine, so it’ll be easy to eat good things.

The first thing you should do is to time your entire routine to know if it’s doable and to have an approximate time needed to do the entire routine (morning and evening).

If it’s too long or it seems too hard to do, you should try adding fewer new things to your routine. Later, you’ll get used to waking up earlier and you’ll be able to add stuff to your list. For example, you could have your first routine and your goal routine. Every week you can add a new thing to your routine so at the end you have your entire routine. If you add too much at one time, it’ll be harder to achieve it. Remember, set small goals at the beginning: one thing at the time. It’s the same principle for your evening routine. If usually you go to bed whenever you want, you can at first set an hour for bed. Then adding some stuff you’ll do before bed.

REMEMBER: Make time for it because if you don’t, you won’t stick to it that’s for sure.


  1. Don’t fear to fail

It’s OK to fail! Some days are going to be harder than others. Remember that you’ll be better every day. You can’t be perfect when you start something new. A habit it’s hard to build. It’s important to remember that you have to stick to it to make it work. On the other hand, if you fail one day you just have to catch up on the next day. If you stop for a week, it’s still time to catch up too. Remember that it can be hard to establish a habit. Every little step counts. If you have to start over 15 times, it’s OK.

Just don’t give up.


  1. Time

It takes at least a month to establish a new habit in your life. So, suck it up and make it last at least for a month. It’s the hardest time. After, it’ll be easier to do it. It will be now what you can call a habit. Though, I truly believe that before saying that’s a real habit you have to do it for at least 3 months in a row. As I said sometimes you might skip a day of few more. But to have the “right” to call it a habit I think I should be a routine for at least 3 months.

After this time, CONGRATS YOU MADE IT!

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work hard to do it every day but it’s gonna be easier. There’ll still have harder days than others and it’s ok. You just have to remember that time will help you get better.





It might be hard sometimes to stick to something. If you’re like me, it’s hard to commit to something, mostly because I’m lazy. I personally have a lot of things I’d like to do … but never did. I think that with a smaller goal it’ll be way easier to achieve.

As it says: One step at the time.

After all this reading you must really want the Morning and Evening Routine I’ve planned for you. What I suggest you do is to pin the picture on Pinterest or/and even better copy-paste it to pin it somewhere in your house where you can see it every day, all the time.

I am not a routine expert, but I combined different routine that I liked from various people and make it mine. I think this one fits really well to someone at school or working a lot and wished they would take more time for personal projects but never did.

This routine is pretty specific to me, but if you have a pet it can easily be yours too. If not, you can delete the things you don’t wanna do off your list.


Explanation of the Morning & Evening Routine


You must be wondering why I add some random stuff in my routines. I won’t explain everything because it’s basic stuff you already know you have to do.


It’s time for some explanation.


  • If you have a pet, you know as much as I do that you have to take care of them like they were your real baby human. For me it’s easy because I think they are, but it does not mean that it’s always easy to take care of those eternal babies. This is why I add a specific time for it. It could be a time for your dog, cat, pig, horse, or else. Basically, it’s time that you’ve scheduled for your pet.


  • Warm lemon water is actually really good for your digestive circulation. It means that it’ll help your body digest food easily and faster. In fact, it activates your digestive system. Also, lemon have a lot of potassium and a little bit of Vitamin C which will help for hydration. It’s a great combination to start off the day. Drinking warm waterincreases blood circulation along with protecting internal organs from damage.


  • Cold water will help you to wake up faster. It’s like caffeine but better for your body. It also helps you to tighten your skin; it refines your hair and your skin. 2-in-one, that is interesting stuff!


  • Stretching will prevent injuries. It’s a thing that we should do every day because you want to maintain a certain flexibility. You don’t have to do it for 30 minutes, but stretching important body part as your back, legs, arm. For each movement, you have to maintain at least 1 minutes to improve your flexibility. Then, move a little bit to active your body it’ll be easier to move through the day. Warming up before the workout is important so why not when you wake up? Plus, think about how you could impress someone with your flexibility abilities haha. Not everybody can do a split, maybe you could. 😉


  • Have a specific time to work on personal projects will help you to do it. If you’re at school, it can also be a time to study. You can split the time to have both study time and personal project time. It’s time to do something else than only school or work. I used to be like that. When I had school, I stopped everything else. This is mainly why I think I’m so lazy. After a big day at school and after studying, you don’t have time for your own things. Which I think it’s sad… It’s sometimes the same thing for workers. Having to work from home so you never take a break to do your own stuff. This is why having a specific time for it will make you do what you always wanted to do.


  • Writing down what you have to do tomorrow or what you have in mind will help you falling asleep faster. Also, you won’t forget what you were thinking about the day before. Empty your mind before going to bed, keep a piece of paper and a pen close to your bed if something’s popping into your head you can write it down right away instead of trying not to forget it. I’m the kind of girl that’s thinking a lot, so it’s the best way not to fall asleep before 5am haha.


Having a routine is one of the best ways to get things done. This is why it’s the kind of commitment you should have on yourself.

For a brief summary, I’ve talked about how to create a habit in your new lifestyle. The big lines are to do one thing at the time, writing down everything about it even the obstacle you could meet.

Before you can say that your routine is a habit you need time. At least, three months before saying that it’s part of you now. Remember that you can fail, and it’s ok to do so. Just don’t stop there. You have to take time to do your routine. As I said, it’ll be harder at the beginning but as always time will make it better.


Comment below what’s your Morning & Evening Routine. Tell me if you have a routine. If it’s something that’s important to you.

Stay tuned I’ll be posting soon a video about this journey.