** There is NO spoil **

I went to see the movie Joker a few weeks ago. The movie really troubled me as a person that is suffering from psychological disorder. The reality of the movie frightened me, not because of the violence, but rather because of the psychological distress and lack of support that the character receives. It’s easy to forget that mental illness is a DISEASE, a condition. The person don’t really do things on purpose. They don’t want  to be unhappy, to suffer internally, to act inconsistently. The Joker’s movie has disturbed me terribly, but what made me react more is a photo shared by a Facebook group and the comments that followed.


“Nobody can make you happy if you are not happy inside.”

I totally agree with that, but it’s important to remember that unfortunately not everyone has the ability to change their thoughts to happy ones. Some do not have the resources and the strength to cope. I don’t think that we should stop believing that it’ impossible to change, that we can’t get better, but people should try to understand these people more. This quotes makes me vibrate positively since I think it is totally true. However, it was the comments that made me realize that many people do not yet understand mental illness (of any kind).

“[…] it’s just a matter of choice…if you let your sadness and emotions control you, you can’t perform the best in your life…” 

“[…] happiness is a decision […]”

“[…] don’t let your emotions drown you […]”

“Just smile and smile even if you are sad inside and make other smile that’s it. Don’t express your sadness and make other sad, because sad and happiness is part of life […]”

Each individual is different and it is not because you react in a certain way that it will be the same for others. In the Joker we see someone who suffers in silence and is left to himself because of a bad mental health system. Having experienced the same thing, I understand his feeling. At a certain point, you are disconnected from this reality because it makes no sense. In these times, it is easy to lose control especially if you are not well surrounded. For some people, it is not a question of the people around you, but of an inner trouble. It’s easier said than done to change a whole way of being. And the worst thing (and that happens far too often) is to see our improvements, but that people who know us less do not see any of this and make a bad comment about this thing you are trying to improve! Best example: when people tell me that I’m a freak control or that I have to calm down when I lose control … I’m doing so much to improve myself and it’s really far from easy … When someone tells me that I am a control freak … it makes me regress 10 steps backwards. And fortunately, I have the strength to start over despite this (because it’s a lot of work on myself), but not everyone is at this point in their life. That’s why you should not judge anyone. And above all, do not ask them to be happy for you. It is a personal process that is not in a straight line and you have to learn to accept it. You have to learn to understand more about mental illnesses because believe me if I could live without it I would … And I think the movie The Joker shows psychological distress that many people live around us, and without anyone knowing it. I do not mean that everyone will be like the Joker, but different acts can be taken to express this distress and loss of control.

I hope you will see the movie with this perception. Not, only saying that he’s crazy and that he should have learned to be happy because, this lack of resources is real. I do not excuse the acts that the Joker does in the movie, but I want you to look at it from another angle. In the end, this movie really touched me and not as I thought; it made me very sad to see him suffering and this horrible reality.

I hope you’ll enjoy the movie too!